Make an Impact among Sami Children & Adolescents



To help preserve the indigenous Sami culture by protecting the native reindeer that are essential to the Sami way of life.



We envision a world where the Sami culture, traditions, languages, the reindeer and reindeer herding are alive and thriving.

Adopting reindeer and making donations generates a sixfold impact on the indigenous Sami community in Sweden by:

  1. Supporting the survival of the reindeer. The reindeer will be monitored and their health and wellbeing will be supported.
  2. Promoting the reindeerherders and their traditional way of life.
  3. Educating Sami children and adolescents about their culture, traditions and language.
  4. Promoting the Sami parents’ ability to raise their children aware of their their culture, roots and identity.
  5. Cultivating and developing Sami entrepreneurship.
  6. Support the mental health of the Sami people since suicide rates are high; thereby strengthening the Sami community..

Help us make this a reality!

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